QFour million people live within an 80-kilometre radius and more than one hundred million within a 1,000 kilometre-radius of the Bromont Scientific Park. The proximity of these major markets offers businesses within the region the opportunity to export a large part of their production in less than 24 hours. The door is open wide to markets in Quebec, Canada, the United States and the entire world.

Local realities

Bromont has the largest concentration of employment in microelectronics in Quebec.

  • More than 4, 000 skilled high-tech jobs
  • 67% of workers in the Bromont Scientific Park have a college diploma or university degree
  • 40% of the population is bilingual
  • 9 universities within an hour’s drive
  • Close to highways 10, 20 and 30
  • Less than 30 minutes from the American border
  • Airport with customs services located within the Bromont Scientific Park


Quebec: a major advantage

  • Three international airports and 45 airlines serving 140 destinations in Canada (10.9 million tonnes)
  • Close to the Port de Montréal, the largest container port in eastern Canada (10.9 tonnes)
  • Road network of approximately 165,000 km
  • The largest high-tech exporter in Canada
  • Airport and port infrastructures nearby
  • More than $6.5 billion in R&D, with incentives
  • Business assistance programs for startup funding
  • $9 billion in venture capital


Canada: a gateway to the international market

  • Reliable sources of oil, natural gas (pipeline) and propane (ground transport) electricity, and water
  • A border country with the United States
  • A gateway to the international market of the Americas
  • Access to a market of more than 435 million consumers with a GDP of $13.4 billion (CDN)
  • Bilateral trade in goods and services totalling more than $704 billion (CDN) in 2005
  • Several free trade agreements
  • A rail network of more than 6,600 km between Canada and the United States with 36 terminals
  • Fluid and efficient transport networks (trains, highways, planes and boats)
  • The lowest operation costs amongst the industrialised countries
  • Lowest tax rate in North America
  • Free trade agreements
  • Several government programs to help businesses
  • Availability and reliability of quality resources


International reality

Bromont the top of the North America microelectronic valley.

  • Direct access to a pool of 40,000 skilled workers
  • Access to numerous innovative research and development centres
  • Free trade agreements (FTE, NAFTA, FTAA)